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  • Warehouse & Cargo Consolidation

    Utilizing consolidation warehouses can improve your supply chain’s performance while reducing costs. This form of warehousing involves combining small shipments bound for a similar destination into a single truckload. As a result, you can reduce transportation costs, ship more frequently, and, eventually, boost your profitability.
    Winsail Logistics is operating ten warehouses and CFS facilities in key locations in China, just as Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen,  Guangzhou, HK, ETC, with container depot and storage services by providing more than 85,000 sqm capacity.

    Warehousing and Handling Services from ChinaCargo Consolidation Services

    We mainly store these sellers' products in China and ship them out when needed. We offer cheaper cargo consolidation services as well as warehousing and handling services in China, which explains the maximization of the seller's revenue margin. We have modern and well equipped facilities to ensure your goods are insured and protected. Our warehousing experts and professional team will provide you with warehousing solutions tailored to your long and short term needs,

    The convenient location provides optimal connectivity to different port terminals, airports and distribution centers while meeting high safety and security standards. Our rich cargo integration, sorting, packaging, as well as different suppliers, different specifications of cargo transportation experience, can effectively provide you with the best logistics solutions.

    Warehousing and Handling Services from China
    1. 30 forklifts, 3 reach stackers, 5portalcrane, and 5 clay cranes
    2. Value-addedservices: packing and repacking, cargo classification, marking, shrink wrap surveillance
    3. Modernized steel structure warehouse (Fire SprinklerCCTV surveillance system)
    4. In-warehouse search and stuffing and devanning report with professional software supported
    5. 24/7 warehousing service
    6. Consolidation
    7. bar coding and labeling
    8. purchase order management and distribution logistics
    9. Storage
    Cargo Consolidation Serives

    Consolidation of goods is becoming more and more important in logistics. For many companies or buyers, freight pooling is not only a good way to control different import orders, but also can save customers time and money. How to wholesale the goods? We have our own warehouses in major ports in China and have different professional customer service staff. We will contact each supplier in time to confirm and follow up the details of each batch of goods, summarize the quantity of goods, check the packaging, combine them into one shipment and arrange the appropriate shipping date or flight plan. We will be your transportation consultant, multiple batches of goods will be combined into one package, whether air, sea, we will ensure that all your goods can be safely, cost-effective combined into one shipment.

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