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DDP Transport The best way to transport from China to Saudi Arabia
DDP Transport The best way to transport from China to Saudi Arabia

Do you want to find the best way to transport from China to Saudi Arabia? Winsail has been focusing on the best transport from China to Saudi Arabia - Middle East freight for more than a decade and leveraging our unique strengths and resource integration to provide you with exceptional dedicated transport services.


Due to the complexity of Saudi customs and high cost of taxes and fees, our company can be the agent of customs clearance, so that you can save time, worry, labor and money.


DDP Services in the Middle East

China to Middle East (UAE, Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia) DDP transport advantage

At a low price

Including duty

Door-to-door delivery

Express customs clearance

Reduce export procedures

No commodity inspection required

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Best time to ship from China to Saudi Arabia:

Generally, the transportation time from China to Iran is generally about 15-18 days, the transportation time to Bahrain is generally about 17-24 days, the transportation time to the United Arab Emirates and Oman is about 14 days, the transportation time to Saudi Arabia is about 16 days, and the transportation time to Qatar is about 14 days, according to different locations.


DDP Middle East Routes:

Middle East Jordan, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran


DDP Middle East Maritime Categories:

Sensitive goods, dangerous goods, mobile phone battery, mobile power supply, camera battery, car starting power supply, super power battery, perfume, essential oil, face mask, foundation, nail polish, lip gloss, e-cigarette.


DDP air freight from China to Saudi Arabia

First stop: Air freight

Shipping type: Default LCL shipping

Delivery time: 15-20 days

Export declaration: Your factory cannot be declared as an exporter.

Destination: Amazon FBA warehouse, business address and private address.


DDP Sea freight from China to Saudi Arabia

First stop: Sea

Shipping type: Default LCL shipping

Delivery time: 30-35 days

Export declaration: Your factory cannot be declared as an exporter.

Destination: Amazon FBA warehouse, business address and private address.


The best way to transport from China to Saudi Arabia


Many customers believe that DDP shipping is the best mode of transportation when importing from China to Saudi Arabia or Middle Eastern countries. Let's take a look at Saudi DDP transportation methods.


The following items are prohibited from being imported into Saudi Arabia from China:


Watches with video or photographic functions, alcoholic beverages, antiques, asbestos and asbestos products, fur and animal feathers, gambling equipment, jewellery, precious metals or precious stones, soil samples, pornography, pork products, ammunition and its imitation, military uniforms, items bearing the Saudi national emblem, pictures of Mecca and Medina, the Koran or other religious books, related to the Saudi King Pictures of the room, e-cigarettes and accessories, all items of Israeli origin or manufacturer, laser Pointers, and all items that are contrary to Muslim or Saudi culture, etc.


List of documents required for customs clearance of goods from China to Saudi Arabia:


Commercial invoice

Certificate of origin

Bill of lading

Shipping (air) waybill

Certificate of insurance

Additional documentation may be required for certain special goods, or as specified in the credit.


Which products imported from China to Saudi Arabia require mandatory SASO certification?


At the time of customs clearance, the COC is mandatory and goods without a certificate will be refused for shipment to the destination

All products must comply with Saudi Arabian national technical regulations or relevant IEC international standards

All goods exported to Saudi Arabia are designated as controlled products:

Household appliances, kitchen power tools, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry and all motor vehicles and their accessories, as well as all building materials, including paints, coatings and other products.


Products that do not need to do SASO are: medical equipment, medical products, food, military products.


Shipping of dangerous goods to Saudi Arabia Concerns:

All dangerous goods unloaded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, must go through customs clearance procedures before unloading, otherwise the goods will remain on board and will not be unloaded.

For goods whose destination port is Dammam or transshipment through Dammam, correct and complete consignee information must be filled in the bill of lading and manifest, and the consignee company must be true and valid.

Batteries exported to Saudi Arabia require a ROHS report.

The label must be printed on the product. Pasting is not allowed.

The outer packaging and products must have "made in china" printed on them. If it is "made in PRC", it is not allowed.


How to ship from China to Amman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia in the Middle East?

As each country in the Middle East has its own customs and cultural characteristics, so the import and export of goods requirements are also different, mainly Iraq and Oman as an example:


China shipping to the Middle East precautions:

1) All points in the Middle East route have strict requirements on the total amount of goods. Many shipping companies begin to charge overweight fees for small containers of more than 14 tons, while many shipping companies do not accept the booking of cargo of more than 20 tons, so heavy loads need to confirm the weight limit with the Chinese shipping agent.

2) Pay attention to the packaging of color and style: single product packaging or mixed packaging, mixed inner box or mixed outer box. All products are printed with the words "MADE IN CHINA".


China import to Oman notice

(1) Tariffs

All Omani imports are subject to a duty of 5% of the CIF price value, except for the following Omani imports subject to the corresponding import duty under the following conditions.


(2) Duty-free goods include:


. Fresh, chilled and frozen edible livestock and minced meat (except pork)

All kinds of fresh milk, sterilized milk, milk powder other than flavored milk




.Fresh vegetables


.Fresh fruits other than bananas and dates

. Tea

.Rice, wheat, flour, barley, corn

. Various edible oils (except artificial shortening and lard)

. Sugar

.Petroleum refining products

.Agricultural pesticides

.All kinds of printed books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, maps, engineering drawings

.Agricultural machinery and tools

. Legal tender

.Gold bars and coins

. feeding

.Goods imported by the government.

Products produced in the GCC countries are exempt from import duties on the basis of certificates of origin issued by relevant agencies.


(3) Goods subject to protective duties and the rates thereof

1) Dried limes (100%)

2) Date palm (20%)

3) Fresh bananas (25%)


(4) High-tariff products and tax rates

1) Special meat and meat products (100% pork)

2) All kinds of alcohol (100%)

3) To impose a 100% duty on imported tobacco and its products, and not less than the following values:

Raw or unprocessed tobacco and its products (2 rials/kg)

Crushed, pressed or processed tobacco (6 rials/kg [net weight])

Cigarettes (10 rials per thousand)

Cigars (20 rials/kg [with package])


(5) Items whose import is restricted or prohibited

Weapons and ammunition

Fake weapons, fake pistols and other tools that can be converted into real weapons


Obscene publications, pictures, books, cards, tapes, pens, pencils, toys, imitations and other obscene materials

Any newspaper, publication, advertisement, book or picture that seeks to incite violence in the country

Textiles bearing banknotes, bills of exchange or securities issued by the Government of Oman or other governments

.military-like clothing

Women's panties printed with verses from the Koran

Wearing indecent clothing

Clothing with flags of celebrities or other countries

Komass bearing Omani royal insignia (crown and dagger) or any words, letters (excluding numbers) and pictures contrary to Omani tradition

Any attack on Islam.


A stick similar to the police mace of Oman

Tires and footwear bearing the name "Allah"

Royal Crest

Items with swastikas

Clothing or electric lights with the words "Allah is not Lord but Allah" or the name of Almighty God, "Allah.

Children's fireworks, firecrackers, weapons and handguns

Spare tire covers with indecent designs, phrases or portraits, or contrary to Omani tradition

Other items prohibited by law or resolutions of relevant departments


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China Freight Service:

The Arrival service from China to Saudi Arabia is a convenient option for businesses and individuals who need to ship their goods from China to Saudi Arabia and pick them up at designated locations in Saudi Arabia. This service saves time and money because it eliminates the need to arrange for pickup and delivery in China.


If you want to find the best way to transport from China to Saudi Arabia. As the best Chinese sourcing company, we can help you import from China to the Middle East.

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