• One-Stop Customs Clearance Solution

    As a part of  “one stop solution”, we are able to offer comprehensive customs clearance solution and cargo insurance services in China for all transport modes. There are import and export with a 5-star and A grade organization in China. You don't have to face these local issues in China alone,you can free yourself from dealing with China's customs document and clearance to focus on managing your core business operations. We understand the importance of a customs broker in efficiently getting your products to their destination.

    Winsail Logistics have multilingual senior experts in major cities/ports in China, who have a clear understanding of complex global trade regulations and agreements, and design the customs clearance process as simple as possible for you, minimize risks, control costs, and optimize customs clearance time.

    Cargo Insurance Services in China

    Marine cargo insurance is a type of property insurance.
    It secures goods while in transit against loss or damage.
    Our insurance brokerage services are tailored specifically to meet your insurance requirements, whether you choose to insure for a single shipment or obtain an open policy. We also specialize in providing insurance on matters related to supply chain risk assessment and designing appropriate and precise risk treatment recommendations, including insurance.

    In the event of loss, damage or theft, customers can report it immediately through our online incident reporting system and receive immediate advice from our claims handling team. As a general rule, indemnification in a contract of carriage is usually subject to a "limitation of liability". Our team of licensed broker-advisors are able to tailor an insurance plan to your situation for the best possible compensation.

    When insuring your cargo, Winsail Logistics strives to provide the greatest possible coverage at cost-effective rates.

  • Warehouse & Cargo Consolidation

    Utilizing consolidation warehouses can improve your supply chain’s performance while reducing costs. This form of warehousing involves combining small shipments bound for a similar destination into a single truckload. As a result, you can reduce transportation costs, ship more frequently, and, eventually, boost your profitability.
    Winsail Logistics is operating ten warehouses and CFS facilities in key locations in China, just as Ningbo, Qingdao, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenzhen,  Guangzhou, HK, ETC, with container depot and storage services by providing more than 85,000 sqm capacity.

    Warehousing and Handling Services from ChinaCargo Consolidation Services

    We mainly store these sellers' products in China and ship them out when needed. We offer cheaper cargo consolidation services as well as warehousing and handling services in China, which explains the maximization of the seller's revenue margin. We have modern and well equipped facilities to ensure your goods are insured and protected. Our warehousing experts and professional team will provide you with warehousing solutions tailored to your long and short term needs,

    The convenient location provides optimal connectivity to different port terminals, airports and distribution centers while meeting high safety and security standards. Our rich cargo integration, sorting, packaging, as well as different suppliers, different specifications of cargo transportation experience, can effectively provide you with the best logistics solutions.

    Warehousing and Handling Services from China
    1. 30 forklifts, 3 reach stackers, 5portalcrane, and 5 clay cranes
    2. Value-addedservices: packing and repacking, cargo classification, marking, shrink wrap surveillance
    3. Modernized steel structure warehouse (Fire SprinklerCCTV surveillance system)
    4. In-warehouse search and stuffing and devanning report with professional software supported
    5. 24/7 warehousing service
    6. Consolidation
    7. bar coding and labeling
    8. purchase order management and distribution logistics
    9. Storage
    Cargo Consolidation Serives

    Consolidation of goods is becoming more and more important in logistics. For many companies or buyers, freight pooling is not only a good way to control different import orders, but also can save customers time and money. How to wholesale the goods? We have our own warehouses in major ports in China and have different professional customer service staff. We will contact each supplier in time to confirm and follow up the details of each batch of goods, summarize the quantity of goods, check the packaging, combine them into one shipment and arrange the appropriate shipping date or flight plan. We will be your transportation consultant, multiple batches of goods will be combined into one package, whether air, sea, we will ensure that all your goods can be safely, cost-effective combined into one shipment.


    OOG(Out Of Gauge) is a short name for all oversized containers or non-standard containers, mainly including :open-top container,flat rack container(or frame container),
    reffer container,dress hanger container and tank container. Our years of experience make us well-equipped to design creative solutions for your freight that requires dimensional flexibility or does not fit within a standard truck trailer.

    Main services for OOG containers:

    1. OOG container (20FR,40FR,20OT,40OT)spaces booking
    2. Loading inspection, Lashing
    3. Inland trailer,custom clearance
    4. The third party survey arrangement
    5. Insurance
    6. Warehouse
    7. OOG Logistics consultant services
    8. Offer the DDP,DDU services for importing or exporting big equipments.
  • Break Bulk/RO-RO

    Winsail logistics is a leading international freight forwarder served in break bulk, large scale industry equipment, petrochemical industry, gas and  electricity.
    With 10 years experience, we have been known for our diverse equipment of BBK, RORO, heavy lift vessel, multipurpose ship, semi-submersible vessel but really, it’s the trust of our clients and many owners that has brought us where we are today. Every single day, our professional services team are committing themselves to provide project logistics services solutions of chartering, booking, local services, customs clearance, overseas clearance and delivery in every aspect of global trade, production, processing, overseas engineering projects, EPC engineering projects logistics. Our expertise helps clients expedite time and efficiency.

    We provide you specialist services in handling of high, wide and heavy cargoes as well as large break bulk shipments in complex environments on a door-to-door or port-to-port basis throughout China.

    Main Service Scope:
    1. Heavy lift ,Oversize, bulk cargoes vessel chartering ,RORO vessel spaces booking
    2. Loading and unloading inspection,
    3. TLashing, Fastening,
    4. Inland Trucking ,
    5. Warehouse Services
    6. Custom clerance, Inspection, Insurance
    7. Door to door services for import or export cargoes.
    8. Supply Chain Finance
  • Ocean Freight

    Winsail logistics is a leading China Ocean Freight Forwarder & Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC No:MOC-NV09845), our ocean freight services include containerised loads, bulk parcels, project cargo and break bulk cargo.

    Here we act as your agent dealing with ocean shipping lines. We maintain excellent relationships with these carriers and can negotiate competitive prices for you. As well as booking containers and secure vessel space, we can receive incoming containers with cargo destined for storage in our warehouses. With all these services, we manage cargo from booking through to packing, stacking, loading, documentation and final delivery.

    • Full Container Load (FCL)

    • Less than Container Load (LCL)

    Winsail logistics is a leading shipping agency in China, our sea freight services cover all ports in China (such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Tianjin, Ningbo, Qingdao, etc.) to any destination worldwide. In order to save you time and money, our sea freight experts will help you choose the appropriate shipping service mode based on your specific requirements.

    With our sea freight services from China to destinations around the world, you can transport large quantities of goods at a cost-effective price within a longer delivery period. We manage your cargo, from coordinating pick-up and delivery to any transportation documents, and provide ongoing service support. We cover all major ocean trade routes, ensuring equipment availability and vessel space through space guarantees. We offer a choice of different carriers while ensuring standardized, smooth, and reliable customer service.

    As a booking agent for leading shipping companies such as MAERSK, MSC, COSCO, APL, CMA, ONE, EMC, HMM, HPL, etc., we control the allocation of vessel space directly and effectively, ensuring competitive prices and the best routes. Additionally, we can provide multimodal transportation door-to-door services, transportation insurance solutions, packaging and unpacking capabilities, and special services for cars, refrigerated goods, and dangerous goods.

  • Shipping to Amazon for FBA

    Winsail is a Chinese freight forwarding company that is able to provide Amazon FBA service from China to all parts of the world by sea or air, effectively managing your products from your China supplier or factory directly to Amazon fulfillment centers in each country to maintain your inventory levels. We know it is very important, if the goods do not arrive on time, it will have disastrous consequences, especially during the selling season. That's why our shipping experts work closely with our customers to help them ship to Amazon Fbas so that it's impossible to run out of stock. Once booked, your goods will be properly handled with us, and we will carefully take care of the whole process to ensure that your goods are safely shipped to Amazon FBA Center. FBA service in China has the following characteristics.

    Why choose Winsail?
    We are optimizing Amazon's forwarding service by focusing on sellers. For Amazon sellers who want to save money and time by outsourcing their shipping services to China, Winsail offers a turnkey solution. We offer a full range of inspection, preparation and freight forwarding services in China and the United States. In addition to assisting FBA sellers with product inspection, preparation and shipping in China -- the actual door-to-door service from the Chinese supplier to Amazon's warehouses in the US and Europe -- we have always prioritized the needs of our customers. Our aim is to always provide the best service to our customers.

    Winsail Logistics provides Amazon FBA service from China to the globe for customers who wish to import Amazon FBA products. We can offer almost all Amazon FBA warehouses in the US, Europe, Japan and Canada. Our shipping experts develop cost-effective solutions for Amazon sellers to speed your supply chain to Amazon's fulfillment system.

    The China FBA services have following features:
    1. DDU/DDP delivery.
    2. Door-to-Door service.
    3. The price includes the import tax.
    4. The entire cargo process is under your control.
    5. The key to importing your product into Amazon fulfillment Center is the reliable FBA freight forwarder, Basenton Logistics will be the one for you, we arrange the whole transportation service to the Amazon FBA.

    Only in the transportation field in China, we have many years of Amazon warehouse transportation experience and are fully familiar with these requirements. Let us help you out. We focus on Amazon-related shipping needs so that you can spend more time promoting your sales. For more information about Amazon, please contact us.

  • Air Export Service
    • Air freight from China to worldwide
    • Oversized Cargo 
    • Consolidated air freight shipping 
    • Customized air transport planning 
    • Provide DDP DAP service
    • Feedback of flight information and tracking online 
    • Personal effects goods and Export of perishables
    • Flexible delivery option

    We cooperate with major airlines to provide you with reliable and cost-effective air cargo options, provide you with convenient and quality service, and provide you with air cargo services from China to most parts of the world at the most competitive cost/rates.

    When customers need fast transportation, Winsail Logistics always provides China air cargo service solutions for more than 210 countries and regions, you can rest assured to use the best service at the most reasonable price, with safe, reliable, flexible, punctual transportation logistics delivery. Not only do we need to find the most timely international routes, but we also need various restrictions to ensure maximum efficiency of service.

    While we offer a wide range of Chinese air cargo services, our most important tool is to tailor air transport solutions to your needs. We will take great care to properly transport your products, whether large industrial machinery or any fragile items, and pay our attention. Due to our proximity to Shenzhen and Hong Kong airports, we can handle all Chinese export clearance.

    Contract Airline with Winsail Logstics with cfm space.

  • Door to Door service

    Our door-to-door shipping service covers all the steps required for shipping cargo from originto destination. So you can deal only with one freight forwarder throughout the entire process.We offer FCL shipping from China. You will get your shipment safe and secured with our FCL shipping with customs clearance service and delivery.If you don't need a full container you can get your shipment using our LCL shipping method.We offer the cheapest LCL shipping with customs clearance service and delivery.

    Door to door by air:
    We collect the consignment from your specified address, organise the transport to the airportand take care of customs clearance on your behalf, ensuring the smooth process and deliveryof the consignment to
    the airline. At the receiving airport, our cooperated destination agentstake over the consignment from the airline and organise both customs clearance and deliveryto the final recipient.

    Door to door by ocean:
    We have a global partner network with many cooperated destination agent in more than 30 countries worldwide. Our dedicated agent helps you clear your shipment from the customs department at the fastest possible time. We also work with local customs brokers of every country in the world.
    We take the entire responsibility for all the steps beginning from container loading and ending at arrival. In the middle of these two steps, several important processes also exist such as storage of goods, consolidation and the inland transport of your consignment. Door to door transport services are the most speedy and convenient among other freight forwarding services. We will arrange each and every thing
    and will work as per the legal requirement.

    Door to door Transport Services delivery of goods is a multistage and complex process and comprises of the following tasks.
    Loading of cargo
    Insurance of cargo
    Arrangement of all the documents which are mandatory for the shipping of goods from one country to another
    Intermodal service via truck and rail
    Receiving the container at port and arranging for shipment
    Custom clearance at the destination port
    Delivery of container towards the final destination
    China Freight offers international door to door transport services from China. We deal with both the small and large loads. You can also hire our services even if the weight of your shipment is 0.5kg. Shipment of heavy weight machinery can also be carried out. By choosing our transport services, you will not only save your money but also your precious time. Simply leave your headache to our well-experienced professionals and get your goods delivered at the desired destination. Safety of your belongings is our key priority and you will never dissatisfy if you choose our freight forwarding service

Ship Goods from Anywhere in China to Global