• One-Stop Customs Clearance Solution

    As a part of  “one stop solution”, we are able to offer comprehensive customs clearance solution and cargo insurance services in China for all transport modes. There are import and export with a 5-star and A grade organization in China. You don't have to face these local issues in China alone,you can free yourself from dealing with China's customs document and clearance to focus on managing your core business operations. We understand the importance of a customs broker in efficiently getting your products to their destination.

    Winsail Logistics have multilingual senior experts in major cities/ports in China, who have a clear understanding of complex global trade regulations and agreements, and design the customs clearance process as simple as possible for you, minimize risks, control costs, and optimize customs clearance time.

    Cargo Insurance Services in China

    Marine cargo insurance is a type of property insurance.
    It secures goods while in transit against loss or damage.
    Our insurance brokerage services are tailored specifically to meet your insurance requirements, whether you choose to insure for a single shipment or obtain an open policy. We also specialize in providing insurance on matters related to supply chain risk assessment and designing appropriate and precise risk treatment recommendations, including insurance.

    In the event of loss, damage or theft, customers can report it immediately through our online incident reporting system and receive immediate advice from our claims handling team. As a general rule, indemnification in a contract of carriage is usually subject to a "limitation of liability". Our team of licensed broker-advisors are able to tailor an insurance plan to your situation for the best possible compensation.

    When insuring your cargo, Winsail Logistics strives to provide the greatest possible coverage at cost-effective rates.

Ship Goods from Anywhere in China to Global